Monday, July 30, 2012

Welcome to Fueling Strong

Hi everyone! Welcome to my first blog! I am very excited to share with you some of my favorite recipes that will help you "fuel strong" as well as some of my favorite workouts. I am new to this whole blog thing, but I am very excited to get started. I plan on having some recipes for you this week, but in the mean time if you have any recipe requests and/or workout questions please feel free to comment below.

How did you guys spend your weekend? I spent mine my favorite way, working out outside. A month ago I convinced Kyle (my husband) to run a 10K with me. I knew picking a race that was hosted by the Big 10 would be right up his alley, and I even promised to run the race with him since it was his first race and longest distance.

The Big Ten 10K's inaugural race was great! You can never pass up a beautiful run on the Lake Shore Trail with thousands of other Big Ten fans. The race also gave us an excuse to buy some new Purdue gear, but don't worry Butler fans, this will not become a habit. On the morning of the race we woke up bright and early and had this brilliant idea to just bike to the course since it's hard to get to via public trans. Well, the 40 minute bike ride there got our legs nice and warm, but at about mile 5 we felt our legs getting a bit heavy. We managed to fight fatigue to finish strong and bike back home. I guess you can say it was an inverted duathlon?

                                                                  He did great for his first 10K

My best friend, Amy, also challenged herself by running her first 10K. I love to see people stepping up to new challenges. I encourage you to challenge your body and mind every day! Keep changing up your workouts to keep your muscles engaged and to keep your mind eager for your next workout! Every week I will give you a new move to do to add to your workout routine. This let's work the triceps. Instead of doing your typical dips try this:

  • Chaturaga ... You can check out Lululemon's YouTube video on how to do it They give both the beginner and advanced levels. Do 3 sets of 10 reps and enjoy the burn! 
Have a great evening and remember to keep fueling strong!

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