My Journey

I often refer to my life as a journey to eternity. I am on a constant journey to fulfill God's will for my life. I grew up in Granger, Indiana (15 minutes from the University of Notre Dame), but I spent most of my time in the gym playing volleyball and working out. It was then that I found my love for living a healthy lifestyle.

I attended the University of Memphis (freshman year) and Butler University on volleyball scholarships. Playing collegiate volleyball was a true blessing,  but what I enjoyed most was working with the strength and conditioning coaches. They taught me so much about my body's capabilities, and made me fall even more in love with health and fitness. I still play volleyball every once in a while, but now I am on a journey to become an endurance athlete. Basically, I love to challenge my body and mind, and running allows me to do that.

After my first half marathon (Indy Mini -1:47) 
After college, I married my best friend, and we started a new adventure in Chicago. I never thought I could hang with the city people, but I find myself turning into a city girl more and more every day. Everything about this city is addicting. It's an amazing place to run (except when you get head wind that blows you backwards), and an even better place to find amazing food. Kyle and I have a running list of restaurants that we want to try out, so if you have any suggestions throw them our way. As of right now, my favorite is Uncommon Ground. It is the #2 greenest restaurant in the United States!

So here we are in 2012, and I am loving this life that God has given to me. I can't wait to share my passion for for health, food, and fitness with you through this blog. I hope by reading Fueling Strong you will realize that eating healthy is not a diet, it is a lifestyle that revolves around balance, fitness, and fun!

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