Monday, January 28, 2013

Run Local

Hey everyone! I'm sorry about my lack of posts this past week. I am in the midst of moving to a self-hosted domain, so I've been spending a lot of time doing that. Stay tuned because in the next couple of weeks I will have a new blog design (fingers crossed).

Also, I wanted to share Claim Your Journey's new campaign with all of you! As many of you know, I am now an ambassador for Claim Your Journey, and I will be helping spread the word about running local! There are so many reasons why I run local. One major one is because I have the most amazing running trail literally across the street from my house.

The trail runs right along Lake Michigan with views of both the lake, park, and city. I run the same route all of the time, but some how it never gets old because I have such beautiful scenery to look at. It's also a great spot to people watch.

Another added benefit of the trail....most local races are held there. Sometimes I can go out for my Saturday morning run and find myself in the middle of a race. At first it used to take me by shock and I would exit right away, but now I run along with them until it's time for me to turn around or I get too close to the finish line.

Check out our video on why some of us choose to Run Local.

Your turn!! Tell me why you run local in the comments section below.

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