Monday, December 10, 2012

Spider Man Push Ups

It's week 2 of "Pushing Through December." Have you guys been staying on top of your push ups? I'll admit,  most days I dread doing them, but that's all part of the challenge. This week, I have a new push-up for you to try. Let's aim for 50 push ups a day this week, and try to mix it up with regular and Spider Man push ups (explained below).

I first saw Spider Man push ups while working out at the Olympic Training Center. The USA Wrestling team would do them every day, and I figured I never had the strength to do them. Well, I proved myself wrong, and actually started to love the push ups because they incorporate your entire core, especially your obliques aka love handles. Be sure to keep your abs sucked in tight to your navel while doing this exercise to resist using your back too much.

1. Start in your standard push up position with your core engaged.

2. While lowering into push up position lift and bend your right knee towards your right elbow. You may not get your leg very far, but any little motion helps. Push up back in to your starting position and repeat this on the left side. Continue to repeat until you've reached a total of 10-14 push ups.

Give these challenging but rewarding push ups a try this week, and aim for the goal number of 50 push ups a day. Don't try to be spider man and get all 50 done in one time. Break it up into segments. This will make you dread them less! Cheers to a new week of fueling strong!


  1. I love these kind of push ups! 50 a day, whew!

    1. They are tough, but break them up. Do 10 between each commercial while watching TV, or do 25 when you wake up and 25 after dinner, etc.