Sunday, October 7, 2012

Racing Bucket List

This morning, Kyle and I woke up and headed down the street to watch the Chicago Marathon. Our house is around mile 7, so the runners were still running strong and smiling! Watching the runners was inspiring, but I found myself even more in awe of the fans. There were thousands of fans lining the streets cheering for each and every runner who ran by. It almost brought me to tears, and I cannot wait to be one of the runners that they cheer for next year.

One thing that did bring me to tears during the race were the handful of blind runners. They were led through the course via a rope attached to a pacer. Talk about amazing. They were not able to enjoy the sites of Chicago, but I know they were inspired by all of the cheering. 

After cheering for a while, Kyle and I went to Starbucks to warm up. While there, I decided to start my "Race Bucket List." There are so many amazing races, so why not travel the country to run them? I'm sure my list will continue to grow, but so far my top choices include:
  • Napa Valley Marathon
  • Disney Half (or full) Marathon
  • Chicago Marathon
  • Boston Marathon
  • Chicago Triathlon
  • A Half Iron Man (Destination TBD)
  • Country Music Half Marathon 
  • Napa to Sonoma Half Marathon (ends with wine tasting...sign me up)
 Trust me, this list will continue to grow, but this will do for now. Well, I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday! Congrats to all of the Chicago Marathon runners! Wear your medals with pride!

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