Monday, October 22, 2012

Running Blind

Monday Night... Football Night!! That's right everyone, Monday's just got 100% better because I get to end my evening with the Bears and this guy:

No, he did not buy the hat... yet.
Random update for all of you. Remember last Thursday how I thought I had a sinus infection. Well, I stand corrected. I actually have Iritis in both eyes. Because of this, I am really sensitive to light and have to keep my eyes dilated for at least a week maybe 2!! Needless to say, I spent the weekend inside for the most part and tried to think of different ways to continue my everyday life despite being visually impaired. This involved:
  • Running on a treadmill with my head down for the majority of the time to avoid the lights
  • Taking Pilates class, but closing my eyes through the majority of it
  • Having Kyle cut all of the vegetables for our meals, so I don't sever a finger
  • Watching the Lorax with sunglasses on 
  • Watching Sunday Night Football with both my sunglasses and glasses on (Yes, I know you need to see how awesome this looks, so I'll provide you with a picture)
Mom, I told you I would make this a fashion trend!
Thankfully I can still see my computer, and managed to get to work this morning without too many problems. Cheers to the next week or so of being partially blind. 

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