Friday, October 12, 2012

Soup Season + Good Bye Tight Hips

Sorry that I have been totally MIA for the past week. We had friends in town for 13 days and then I came down with strep throat. I'm still battling it, but thankfully I am able to go back to work despite the fact that I am completely exhausted. I haven't been able to work out for 3 days! For those of you who know me, you know that this never happens! I usually work out even through sickness, but I figured if it wears me out to do my hair it's going to totally wear me out to run. In the mean time I'll just dream about my next run.

While I've been sick, I've been eating a lot of soup. I am not a big fan of canned soups because they have a lot of unnecessary sodium and scary ingredients, but recently I came across Amy's Kitchen soups. I'll admit, I am absolutely obsessed! They are more expensive than a lot of other soups, but trust me once you taste them you will realize your money is well spent. For those of you who haven't heard of Amy's Kitchen, they focus on making natural and organic prepared foods aka you can understand every word on the ingredient list! The two that I can't stop eating are: Low Sodium Lentil Vegetable and Low Sodium Minestrone. I highly suggest giving them a try!

Well, as I said I am already dreaming about my first post-strep run tomorrow morning. I'm sure it'll be a little rough getting back into after being sick, but I am ready for the challenge. I can bet you that my hip flexors will be sore on Sunday. Guess that means I'll have to to my favorite stretch! For those of you who have tight hips, give this stretch a try.

Lay on your back and lift your hips like you are doing a bridge. Bring one knee into your chest and hold it for about 20 seconds. Remember to keep your hips high and to keep pulling that knee in. You will feel a nice deep stretch in your hip, and you will even feel a slight burn in your glutes.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I promise, I will have some new recipes this weekend/next week. I know, I've been slacking! Cheers friends!

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